On May 3, 2016, The Tampa Tribune and TBO.com were bought by The Tampa Bay Times. I have created a stand-alone version of the original TBO home page as it was when I designed it. It is available here.
Please note that none of the links work but the page does give you an idea of the design.

In late 2012 The Tampa Tribune and TBO.com were acquired by new ownership. This meant moving to a new content management system which in turn required the complete redesign and build of the web site.

Every element of the site had to be redesigned including the header, mega-menu navigation, the featured stories area and the news trays. Article pages and all of their associated elements had to be designed. Section fronts and all of their associated modules were created.

Added to this was the requirement that the site design be responsive and display correctly on desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Once the general look and feel was approved, I set about writing the CSS and html files. Working in conjunction with our web developer, the site was set up in around 6 weeks. Since launch, I've continued to redesign and build certain elements.

The images below link to bigger screencaps of each element.